non-recurring ˌnon-reˈcurring adjective
ACCOUNTING FINANCE a non-recurring item, charge etc is one that only relates to a particular period of time, and will not be repeated in later periods of time:

• The loss was reduced by a nonrecurring $17.8 million tax benefit from an accounting change.

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non-recurring UK US (also nonrecurring) adjective
FINANCE, ACCOUNTING, ECONOMICS used to describe charges that do not happen regularly: non-recurring charges/expenses/items »

Profit was $482 million after accounting for non-recurring charges of $305 million.


Officials discussed the issue of non-recurring imports, such as the 10 airplanes Malaysia Airlines took delivery on this year.

Compare ONE-OFF(Cf. ↑one-off) adjective

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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